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Edo Verse 1

He approached the woman silently, not wanting the princess to get distracted by his presence. When he close enough to her, he called her softly. "Hime-sama..."

The pink-haired still staring at the night sky, not looking at him at all. The legendary samurai could feel her sadness. All things that happened to her were painful enough for many people, not to mention she's still a rather young princess. And the only family she have was her father -the Emperor- since her mother died when she was little. Not to mention the castle was too hard for her to survive alone without anyone beside her.

"Our life in this world -
to what shall I compare it?
Its like an echo
resounding through the mountains
and off into the empty sky."

Tezuka Kunimitsu pinned down in his place. The said woman has extraordinary talent in art, like what everyone else in castle said so. It wasn't his first time hearing her reciting a poem, however, listening to it always gave him the thrill.

"Teruhinanomiya, it is cold outside. Please wear your robe." He walked closer to her and put the robe on her shoulder. She turned back and their eyes met.

For some seconds of eternity, they stared into each other's eyes. Tried to find the hidden meaning behind the heart. Like others said 'eyes are the window of the soul, right?

A silent, cold night of October wrapped both of them together, seeking of warmth from each other. The princess was the one who broke the moment though. "Please don't call me by that name." She already stated it hundred times already but perhaps custom is still custom. They call you by your official name though you didn't want to hear it anymore for the rest of your life.

The samurai nodded obediently. "I am very sorry, hime-sama."

She stole a glance into his hazel eyes once more before turning back to face the starry sky.

" Scarce had my mind received with wonder,
  The thought of newly fallen snow–
  Seeing the ground lie white–"

"Ah, this will be our first winter here..." She talked to herself, hands clutching tighter to her robe, looking absolutely cold. Nine months has passed after their arrival in the Kiyomi Palace, Rie-hime mother's home before she got married to the Emperor of Dere. The princess has left her palace in the main castle, and run to her mother's home with the samurai: to survive from the Emperor's concubine jealousy towards her.

" Thus death or parting separates us each from the other,
Deep under the mosses..."

The stoic man could saw tears dropped from the princess' beautiful eyes. He didn't know what power made him able to touch the woman's cold cheek and wiped her tears.

"I-I'm sorry... I just... Remember about okaa-sama..." She replied shyly, perhaps afraid to show her weakness in front of other people. She hide her face using her sleeve, walking away from her protector. "Let's go back inside."

Maybe she was thinking another thing, or the memories of her late mother taking all her power out, made her stumble on the way back. Fortunately, Tezuka Kunimitsu was such a great samurai with great reflexes; he managed to catch the princess before she hit the ground.

That fall made their distance become closer. She can feel his breath on her neck, and he can see her wet amethyst eyes, staring straight at him as if asking for him to stay beside her, although she never stated it and he knew that she's a person who doesn't want to rely on someone and choose to stand on her own feet.

Though, how can you ignore a weak, fragile woman like her? She may looked pretty strong and individualist on the outside, but months he spent with her giving him insight of her condition inside.

Her fingers traced his face slowly, carefully.

The moment lasted for some minutes before he lifted her, brought her inside and put her down in front of her room.

"Have a good sleep, hime-sama."

And he left. Though the warmth of his breath and body still lingering on her skin.

Going Home Song

On our way home, the park is always a stop for us
We’re more frolic than usual, my eyes cling on you and you hear me say

London's spring breeze hitting on a petite woman as her pink hair swayed away by the wind. She hurriedly hold onto her broken white floppy hat, afraid it may blown away by the wind.

"Ah, my hair gets tangled..." She slightly pouted as her slender fingers pull the hat from her head, revealing the slight-messy hair of hers. You touched her silky hair softly, as to help her detangling them.

She felt your touch, and smiled warmly at you.

“If the world perishes tomorrow, what shall we do?”
Without saying anything you nuzzle my arm

You never thought of living a life without her. You never thought of how to survive even one night without her warmth silently singing a lullaby to you.

Putting a strand of her hair to the back of her ear, you catch her attention. She looked at you with a hint of confuse beneath her twinkly pair of amethyst.

Ne~, we turn to each other
Our lips on the verge to touch, the heart beating doesn’t stop

You kissed her hair softly, inhaling them. As if the world will be end tomorrow.

She touched your hand softly, a hint of worry displayed on her eyes as they silently said

'Is there any problem?'

I’ll always catch you up
If your heart is broken and you cry
I’ll protect you from the enemies all over the world

You let out a gentle smile to her. A smile that is for her, and her only.

Your eyes staring intensely at her as she began to blush from the intensity of your gaze. Your orbs answering her question with a deep gaze.

'I will always protect you.'

An “I love you” is unnecessary
You’re the only one, I’ll kiss always forever*

Your head leaned down to match with her. Her cheeks were reddening and you felt the warmth from her. What was an illusion is going to come into a reality...

Before you woke up and realized all these haunting dreams were just the result of your guilty and regret because you never able to deliver the true feelings to her...

My Mouth Didn't Fall

Song: K.Will - Ibi Tteoreojiji Anhaseo

It was freezing, and even if you didn’t say anything
The tears in your dead eyes told me it came to an end

Never did crossed the Tezuka Kunimitsu's mind that he would feel the bitter taste of regret. It was over now, and he can't turn the time back.

I closed my eyes as you turned away so easily,
(and I realized) I wasn’t going to see you anymore

His trembled hand touched her slender fingers, took it softly as he embraced her petite hand. Tezuka Kunimitsu never cried. And he never thought that it will come a day when he would let out tears of regret.

Because I was at a loss for words,
Because I was frozen to the ground
I only saw the backside of you,

He started to blame himself. Why didn't he pick her up that day. Why didn't he stay by her side. Why didn't he sense that today was the last day he saw her backside...

Because I couldn’t show you my true feelings,
So many tears were spilled,
Because I can’t get you
I’m crying and breathing is difficult

Tezuka Kunimitsu always managed to strain himself. That a self-controlling is a essential form to be alive and stay on top.

But now he regret it. He always held his guard tough that he wasn't able to even express his true feelings to the woman colored his life.

How long and why couldn’t I say
I’m there for you

Yes, Tezuka Kunimitsu, regret always come at last.

Having a hard time blaming myself, What I should have done
Not thinking it through, you made me believe I was at fault

He let go of her hand as he wiped his wet eyes with his hand. The coldness of her skin was imprinted on his skin and mind.

And blame also regret were the part of his life, starting now.

(Ficlet) Hospital Rooftop

Title: Hospital Rooftop
Character: Shiraishi Kuranosuke, Shitenhoji Tennis Club, Kagami Sarara (Sarachin's OC)
Rating: T
Words: 796
Genre: Friendship, Romance
Summary: "Now I understand why broken-hearted people decided to commit suicide".
Status: Complete
Note: Sweet revenge. Doo doo.
Disclaimer: I own the plot only.

Sounds of a person running hurriedly to reach the hospital's rooftop were heard. Kagami Sarara panted hard. She wasn't that good with physical activity compared to her friends at Shitenhoji Tennis Club; not that she's very bad with it but just... not good enough.

BAM! "Shiraishi Kuranosuke!" She yelled loudly as her hand slapped the door violently, revealing the scene of a certain ecstatic-doctor, standing outside the fence.

(Drabble) Girl on Fire

Title: Girl on Fire.
Character: Kagami Sarara (Sarachin's OC)
Rating: T
Words: 176
Genre: Friendship, Angst
Summary: Kagami Sarara was just a girl, and she's on fire.
Status: Complete
Note: Not cheesy because Sarachin will chop me to death if I write cheesy scene of her.
Disclaimer: I own the plot only.

Kagami Sarara didn't like to play with fire.

Fire was dangerous, especially when you touched it. But she willing to play with the fire if anyone dared to touch one of her precious friends.

"Bitch..." She grabbed the girl's hair, stared on her eyes with strong, bright intensity that can burn your eyes. "You better say sorry to Koishikawa before I chop your neck to death." Her tone was very serious and the poor girl was shudder in fear.

Kagami Sarara was famous for being random and quirky and unpredictable. Another unpredictable trait she has was: she can burn like fire when people messed with her.

The girl muttered several apologetic words for toying with Koishikawa's heart and glad the mahoutsukai of ORZ decided to get her away from her burning fire. Sarara stood still, many people who walked by were getting their feet on the ground as the girl was on fire.

People can look down to them, but they can't play with their heart. Kagami Sarara was just a girl, and she's on fire.

(Drabble) So, Promise Me.

Title: So, Promise Me.
Character: Sanada Genichirou, Sanada Satsuki (Janey's OC)
Rating: T
Words: 359
Genre: Romance
Summary: "You shouldn't worry over trivial matter and focused on yourself also the baby instead".
Status: Complete
Note: Another entry for CheeseWar.
Disclaimer: I own the plot only.

Sanada Satsuki caressed her already big belly softly, as if trying to calm herself and her baby inside. Exhaling her breath, she watched her husband packing his belongings.

"For how long?"

Sanada Genichirou stopped on his track, moved his body to face his concerned-looking wife sitting at the edge of their bed. He approached her, unable to think of proper things to say. He was a stoic man to begin with, and with their almost one year marriage, he still found it hard to explain some things.

"A month." He went silent before continued the sentence, caressing her hair gently. "I won't get injured like last time, Satsuki."

The pregnant woman's mind trailed to some months ago, while both of them still newlyweds and Genichirou had his first field mission. Usually he just doing his duty as policeman behind the desk or at least, doing some light investigation. However, what happened on his field mission nearly caused Satsuki a heart attack when she got a call from the police office, informing that her husband were getting shot when his group attempted to arrest a gang.

She held his hand with her shaky hand, absolutely against the idea of he getting sent to field mission for the second time. Not to mention, she was pregnant this time. And it just made her mood went worse easily.

"I'll ask Okaa-san to accompany you when I'm out."

"That's not what I mean-" she cut down his sentences. Bad feelings were swirled on her head as she suddenly felt scared of losing him. Anything can be happened during the mission. Anything. Even death.

"I know." He sighed, running out of words. He sat down on the bed, bringing her closer to him as he embraced her in a warm, tight hug. Trying to silently said that he will be okay; she shouldn't get worried over trivial matter like that and just focused on her health and their baby.

"Promise me?" She whispered between his neck as he saw her pinky finger raised to his vision. He kissed her forehead long, before wrapping her finger in a pink swear.

"You can believe in me."

(Ficlet) All or Nothing At All

Title:All or Nothing At All
Character: Tezuka Kunimitsu, Ueda Rie (OC)
Rating: T
Words: 704
Genre: Romance
Summary: Tezuka thought of the things occurred on his life.
Status: Complete
Note: First attempt to write on Tezuka's POV. Geh...
Disclaimer: I own the plot only.

The thought of word love never crossed Tezuka Kunimitsu's mind. At least back then, when his mind was filled with tennis, tennis and tennis. And academic stuffs. And student council duty.

His mind already full enough. There was no room for love, or what it called. Tennis is his life, and forever will be. Doing his duty whole-heartedly is the first priority. Tezuka Kunimitsu lived his life by his laws -where other people saw it as merely robotic life- until that warmth began to sneak silently inside his heart.

"My name is Ueda Rie, student council secretary. I hope we can work together from now on."


He always done all things alone. It was much easier, and you didn't have to think about other things. It made him easier to focus and concentrate on important task.

"Ueda-san, what are you doing?"

"Accompanying you on greeting the student?" He saw her smiling sheepishly. "I think I need to know the students too. And assisting setokaichou-san, it's one of the secretary's work, right?"

He just sighed on her presence. What he didn't realize that time was, sometimes together is better than alone.


He never thought that touching other person's fingers can sent a series of tingling feelings to his heart. What was a normal one, continued to beat faster and faster in irregular rhythm as the girl interlaced her fingers with him.

He didn't understand why, instead of pulling away, he caressed the soft fingers slowly, as if he afraid it will be broken. Wondering how with just a touch, it can made his life full of lights.



He nodded as response to the girl. He saw it, how her eyes displayed many emotions: from surprised, shocked, to hurt and she managed to change her gaze to a normal one in just a second.

"For tennis?"

Once again, he nodded at her question. Silence were hung in the air, as he saw the girl broke into a smile, yet it looked so painful. "Please do your best."

And he never knew that saying goodbye was actually this painful.


“Good morning.”

“Guten morgen.”

“How are you?”

“Wie geht es Ihnen?”

“Very well, thanks.”

“Danke, gut.”

“I would love to see you.”

He was an intelligent person to begin with, that's easy for him to read the meaning behind everything. He knew.

“Ich möchte gern Dich sehen”

“You are dear to me.”

He stopped for a while. His brown orbs catch the glimpse of a certain pink-haired girl sulked herself lower beneath the Germany Conversation book. A part of him wanted to smile; he felt so warm. Maybe that was how you feel when you got a certain feelings that a person you treasure actually holding you in their heart dearly.

“Sei mir lieb.”


"Ueda Rie."

How long has it going when he finally speak that magical name? Four years? Five? Or more? It wasn't his custom to count out the time, but what surprised him was saying her name was like a double-edged sword. It was sweet yet bitter at the same time. Especially when he looked at the scene in front of him, displaying her in such a broken state.

Did he regret leaving her? He never regret choose tennis, honestly. But what was the itchy feeling lingered on his heart and began to get wider and wider as the warm girl he once knew, now turning her back against him?


‘I want you.’

‘I know.’

‘I have always waited for you.’

'I know.’

Tezuka Kunimitsu knows everything. What keeping him in his track was his fear. It was funny, how a person like him actually can feel the fear. And he never thought that his biggest fear is to lose her.

His source of warmth.


People said, you will never able to turn back, when you've stepped in the altar with the person you choose to be with for the rest of your life.

What Tezuka Kunimitsu know is, she always be in everywhere. In his mind. In his heart. Even when he turned his back, she still there, giving him the support and warmth, from the first time they met until now. And ever.

"I do."